Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach Infestation

The recent letter given out to tenants in regards to cockroaches is yet another small dissapointment for this new tenant. I keep my suite clean and free of anything which would attract cockroaches, yet…there they go running around the place like children. I believe who ever is responsible for the infestation should be held accountable and the board should be able to pay to get it taken care of then they could seek payment from whoever has been deemed responsible.

However, my faith in this buildings board diminishes each passing day as I learn more and more about how things run here. As I plan on staying in this building for quite some time, I will do my best to inform my neighbors of any information or news that I come across.

And I will continue to develop and  maintain any forms of technology available to help keep us all connected and informed. As my generation gets closer and closer to purchasing condos, more systems like this one will help attract potential buyers and will increase the value of each suite within the network.

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