Laundry Room

This is the first apartment building I have ever lived in where there is a set time to do laundry. I guess I can see how at some point maybe the noise from the machines could be heard on the first floor and that is why they imposed this curfew. However, I feel this curfew time is much much too early. If someone with a full time job, gets home any time past 4:15 can ONLY do their laundry on the weekends.

That would be the only option since the washing machines take 45 minutes and the dryer takes an hour and a 6pm closing time, is set assuming everyone is either retired or unemployed and can do their laundry during the weekdays. Even if some of the sounds of the washing machines can be heard on the 1st floor, I still think that we would all benefit from longer laundry hours.

I think they should be open until 10pm at least ! This would give employed people plenty of time to do their laundry after work.

Just an idea.

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